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Sacha S. [8.27.2014]


I am on my fourth Transformation Class and as long as it is available I will always be a part of it. This class has been incredibly life changing. Since starting the transformation I feel my mood has improved, energy is through the roof, and confidence is much higher. I love the way I feel and look.

It’s amazing how your goals change as you continue through the class. You will start to realize that you joined wanting to be “skinny” and you’ll finish wanting to be “healthy.” The transformation class is NOT a fad, it’s a lifestyle change.  I honestly believe that the only way to create the habit of a new healthy lifestyle is with guidance, motivation and support.  Nancy will provide you with the knowledge of what foods properly fuel your body, 2 new sets of circuits every week, an occasional after class discussion that helps you acknowledge what things are helping you meet your goals and what might be holding you back and best of all an awesome group of people with similar goals to tell you just how great they think you’re doing!

 I am finally physically where I need to be and I owe 110% to Nancy’s fitness friends and my Transformation class! Six more weeks? BRING IT ON!


Joanna C. [1.6.2015]


II have struggled to lose weight for a long time. There was a time in my life when working out was all I did. I was athletic in school and came to Idaho on a track scholarship. But then life happened. I didn’t enjoy competing any more. I stopped running and working out vigorously and started to gain weight very quickly. My hobbies changed. I had two kids. Life got busy and I forgot about keeping myself healthy. 

I tried diet pills. I tried soup and other food diets. I tried DVD workouts. Nothing was worth sticking to. I finally gave up trying and tried to be happy with the body I had. Of course I wasn’t happy. I was uncomfortable all of the time. I had a hard time playing and keeping up with my kids. I had a hard time sleeping. I didn’t like being in pictures because I didn’t like the way I looked. 
One day I saw a friend post about the Transformation Challenge on Facebook. For some reason, it really struck a chord with me. I thought, “I don’t have anything else to do. Why not give this a try? It probably won’t stick anyways.” But I was wrong. It has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

On the first night of my first class with Nancy, I didn’t think I was going to be able to leave the gym. I was so tired and sore. I couldn’t finish all of the exercises and didn’t know breathing could be so hard. However, when I got home, I couldn’t wait to go back. I was excited about a workout for the first time in a long time. 

I’ve completed four sessions of the Transformation Challenge now. Each workout got better and better. I started looking forward to the classes each week and the workouts in between. I started feeling more comfortable being in front of other people in my workout clothes. Through the sessions, I’ve noticed that little things seem easier and more natural to me. I can go on walks without being winded immediately. Playing with my kids is more fun. Sleeping has been better too. 
Nancy has helped me reach a weight goal I thought was long gone. During the latest session, I’ve felt the difference in my clothing. But more importantly, Nancy helped me gain confidence in myself again. Her support and motivation has been a fundamental part of my success. Her sessions have been made for clients of all experiences. During the sessions, I realized I wasn’t alone. We were all working toward the same goal: to be a healthier self. We pushed each other. We laughed with each other. We tried exercises that seemed impossible to do but did them anyways. Thank you Nancy for the first step toward many success I look forward to in a healthier life! 

Lydia Mae A. 

When I started my fitness and health journey this year I was lost, I felt stuck in a body that I felt was not meant for me. I hated it, I always wanted to be someone

different, I wanted one day to wake up and love what I say in the mirror. I wanted to love me all of me not just parts, I wanted to feel beautiful inside and out, and at that point of time I did not. Nancy has really helped me with this, she has not only given me the strength and skills to really believe in myself enough to get up every day and look forward to getting my daily workouts in every though I have to work two full time jobs that day. I started out just doing single personal training sessions with Nancy, but then I started doing her transformation classes with a group of Women, and that I think is when I really got serious and let my true self shine through. This is my second round in the transformation group and I’m loving every minute of it.


Every week we get “fun” and exciting new workouts that help us workout every part of our body, or how to focus on one part that you are really trying to work on, at first I wasn’t sure if i was going to be able or willing to do all these workouts on my own but, I’ve grown to really love them and look forward to doing them on my own time. I really love her strategy, of the high intensity circuit training cause it really shows that you can get an amazing workout that strengthens your entire body in a short amount of time. She also gave us a nutrition guide to help us understand what’s the best and healthiest foods that we need to fuel out body.


The women in my class are so amazing and so supportive of each other, they really help me believe that I can and will conquer me weaknesses and build my strengths. They are so strong and amazing I want to thank each and every one of you, even the girls in the other classes, and fitness friends. You guys have help me is so many ways. Seeing all of your accomplishments and hard work really pushes me to be and do the best I can, so thank you, thank you so much. I can not wait to do more and more of these classes and have all of you right by my side every step of the way.


Now back to Nancy, I want to truly thank you for everything, you are my savor; I want to thank you for making me believe in myself, and for making me love myself again. I don't know how I will ever repay you for everything that you have given me, but you are for ever in my gratitude and I couldn’t begin to thank you enough.

Hayley H. [9.3.2013]


When I signed up for the first session with Nancy I was scared out of my mind. I spent more time in the bathroom the first workout than working out. But it got better, and kept getting better each session. Nancy is so great about figuring out your strengths and weaknesses and pushing you past your limits. She become your counselor, nutritionist, coach and friend with the 6 weeks. I would recommend her program to anyone who is struggling within themselves. Whether it's being too weak or not liking the way you look in your clothes. Nancy truly has her whole heart into making people be their best self and it shows as soon as you step inside the gym for the first time with her!

Shandy L. [8.28.2014]

I began working out nearly six months ago, and in that time my life has changed drastically. After experiencing some health problems and sitting at the highest weight of my life, I knew something needed to change... but I couldn't find the motivation to do it myself. Nancy has provided me with motivation, inspiration, and education when it comes to every aspect of my health. Knowing that she has been in my shoes makes lacing up my running shoes a lot easier. She offers the perfect balance between trainer, friend, and mentor. Each session is challenging and fun, and I have become a person that "wants" to exercise. Something I never thought I would say. No matter where someone may be on their journey, I would recommend Nancy to help them get there. 

Corinne L. [6.1.2013]

I have been attending boot camp class with Nancy for several months now. I love the energy and motivation I receive from working out with other people. The classes give me ideas on new exercises to do on my own, and show me how much I am capable of. Each week is something new and I love that Nancy does the workout along with us so we can always watch to make sure we are doing moves properly. I love that we are doing the same workout she is, maybe someday my arms will look like hers!

Hope J. [9.2.2014]

I reluctantly joined Nancy's Transformation Challenge after being invited several times from friends, but I am beyond happy that I did.  I have never felt comfortable in working out in group settings and have had several terrible experiences with personal trainers.  But Nancy's classes are different in many different ways.  Even though I only knew one person in my first class well, everyone was fast friends.  No one was judgmental and everyone was quick to help me understand what to do and how to do it correctly.  Nancy, as a trainer, is the kindest and most heartfelt person I have met in a long time.  She is quick to praise when you are doing a great job and gives subtle hints, like scooting a higher platform over "just in case you'd like a bigger challenge" when she thinks you could push just a bit harder.  Never have I felt like I was being judged by her or anyone in the group and have heard nothing but positive reinforcement from Nancy. 

Besides being knowledgeable in techniques and nutrition, Nancy is also very down to earth and truly understands the struggles that some of us are facing.  She has been down the same road as many of us and is more than willing to share her triumphs and struggles.  She understands that we are busy and have demands outside of the gym because she has them too. But she provides more than empathy with these issues.  Nancy is quick to provide real world solutions that help you achieve your goals, both in the gym and with making life changes outside the gym.  

Would I recommend Nancy as a trainer?  Absolutely. Simply put, if you are looking to make changes in your life, large or small, I wouldn't recommend anyone else.  I will continue to work out with Nancy and progress through many of my challenges with her (and my group) by my side and encourage anyone who is reluctant like I was to give it a chance.  You really can do ANYTHING for a minute.  And learn to love it.

Darby B. [9.1.2014]

Joining Nancy's Fitness Friends is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. From day one, Nancy was professional, encouraging, knowledgeable, and absolutely amazing. Her transformation classes have created changes in me that were long over-due, including improvements to my health and physique. However, what I have gained from this experience has gone far beyond those losses measurable in pounds and inches. NFF and the Transformation Challenge offers hope and support on the darkest of days, a sense of great accomplishment, a safe place to struggle and overcome challenges, and a sense of camaraderie that is unmatched. I highly recommend Nancy as a trainer and congratulate all who offer themselves the amazing gifts that this experience brings. 

Amber A. [9.2.2013]

I have taken other exercise classes before, but nothing has given me such amazing results as Nancy's class! I love the before and after pictures and all the measurements she takes throughout the class. Nancy is extremely encouraging and motivational! She inspires you to do more than you think you can! Nancy gives you so much help with eating and exercising....and all the support from the others in the class is truly inspirational! In six weeks, my body has transformed! I can't wait to push even harder next round!!!!

Dena S. [12.20.2014]


I have been wanting to write a little something for Nancy Sheffler Smith telling her about my journey and how much of a huge part of it she really is. On Feb 11 2011 I had my 40th Birthday. I felt fantastic. I worked about 60 hours a week, worked out 5 days a week, ate extremely healthy and weighed in at a nice healthy 112 pounds. I was so proud of myself. I was not going to be one of those people that used 40 as an excuse to let myself go. I have always had what they call lumpy bumpy breast tissue. Caffeine can be a huge contributor to more and larger bumps. I felt them - yes, they were a little sore but it was surely the caffeine. One morning about a month after my 40th I woke up and just my chest area was covered in sweat AND my armpit on the right was very, very sore. I jumped up and looked in the mirror and I could see it. "The Lump".


I had ignored this for about 6 months so far as I could figure in my head so I pretty much knew I was in trouble. I made an appointment and it was for April 8th. I remember the day clearly. I went, had all the tests and biopsies done, leaving out the gory details. They told me they would call me in 5 to 7 days. OK. The very next day I arrived home from work about 2:30 and I had a message light blinking on my phone. I hit the button not thinking anything really and then there it was. It was a message from the Dr telling me to call them back right away. YEP, now I really knew. What happened to the 5 to 7 days? I called them back. The lady on the phone wanted me to come in. I just told her "Look, I live in White Bird, you are in Lewiston, I know your are going to tell me I have Breast Cancer, I already know I have it so just tell me." Reluctantly she confirmed. She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to come in right away. So, I did, the next morning. I was told I had tumors in both sides, I had both Invasive Carcinoma and DCIS which makes me a complex case.


The Chemo shrinks the Invasive Carcinoma but not the DCIS, they recommended 6 to 8 months of aggressive Chemo right away. I went to that appointment for the Port and the Oncologist told me he did not want to do Chemo yet as he was unsure of how much of each cancer I had so he recommended surgery first. So, I went to the surgeon. He said "I do not feel comfortable doing surgery on you as I am afraid I will not get it all and I will leave you grossly disfigured." UGH Oh, and for about the 5th time "You are a complex case". Gain weight for the chemo. So, I started eating. Again, oncologist said no to the chemo. In the mean time. These tumors are growing so fast I can almost watch them. I am panicked.


After 3 weeks of this we decided to go to Spokane to the Breast Cancer Surgery Center to Dr Carol Guthrie who specializes in this. She was sure it was in my bones at this point. We did every scan in the world. She called me back and said that I had so much muscle mass that she could not see my lymph-nodes in the MRI so she said, "Let's just do a double mastectomy right away and go from there." SWEET, Finally something, anything is being done. May 6th was the big day. I was so relieved. Now here is the kicker. Post op a few days later? Not sure I was pretty fogged out. LOL. We are sitting in the room and about 6 people came in, all white coats. I just knew it was bad news. These are the words that were spoken. "You had 1 tumor in the right, 2 in the left on the date of your mammogram. Between that day and the day of surgery the right side had a tumor the was 6x8x2 cm and there was one under that. the left side went from 3 tumors to 5 tumors. We have all of your tissue tested, the entire panel here has looked at your results and we are amazed.


Anyone with tumors that size should have had it spread to the bones by now and it did not. In 30 years I have never seen this. The only thing we can all figure is that you were so healthy, you have a great diet and very little body fat and cancer likes to spread through tissue. We believe the muscle you have developed held it at bay. Congratulations, you are cancer free, no chemo, no radiation, please enjoy the rest of your life because it is going to be a long one." I was speechless. WOO HOO I had a long road with reconstruction, a tough and very painful one but I made it. Took a couple years. I had some complications with blood clots, then a hysterectomy. All this made me so out of shape, so tired and quite frankly I hated the way I was feeling and I hated the way I was looking. I knew what I had to do but I just could not get it together.


I do not know why I just would not join the gym and do it. I told myself time and time again I was going to do it. THANK GOD for Nancy. You have been a huge part of me finally getting me back again. I lost a lot of myself through all of this and I managed to pull all that back together except for this one thing. You are the inspiration I needed. Not only do I feel great but I have finally made the appointment to finish my reconstruction that I have been putting off for so long. I dreaded doing it but now I am excited for it. You helped make me feel whole again. I am alive today because of having a good diet and working out and I am living AGAIN because of you! You have no idea what a difference you have made in my life and so so many others. Everyone is on this earth for a reason and you are a blessing to so many. 

Katie B. 


When I started Nancy's Fit Challenge, I was terrified. I was actually talked into it the night before it started by a good friend. I have struggled with my weight since I can remember, so this seemed to be just another "diet/exercise" thing to try. Was i ever wrong. The first class we learned our weight and measurements, and while that totally sucked, I was pleasantly surprised how accepting and supportive everyone was. There was zero judgment, and being overweight, judgment is something you receive a lot of. Nancy was amazing from the start. I have known her for many years, outside of classes, but in class I saw a side of her I hadn't been able to see. She is one of the most inspirational, motivating and encouraging people I know. She shared her struggles, laughed with us, cried with us, and kicked our butts all in an hours time. She is truly a great trainer. I did two fit classes, and decided to take a break, I have still been losing but I defiantly miss my girls. The bond you create with them is unreal! You all have something in common and everyone is in the same boat as you. You have 20 other people to support you. I am currently down 40 lbs, and I owe them them to Nancy and NFF. I'll be re-joining classes soon and I cannot wait! Thanks for all you do for us Nan, by empowering us, making us more confidant, and supporting us with anything we throw at you!

Jerry E. 5/2017


I started about a year and a half ago in Nancy's BOSS class, I very quickly realized that I wasn't in as good of shape as I thought I was!  When I started I really didn't have any goals or great ambitions, I just wanted to be in as good of shape as I could be.

I'm lucky in that my job keeps me in pretty good shape, but with some injuries and age I knew I had to do something more.

As I get older I find it harder to stay in good shape, and other than work I didn't know how to go about it other than stumbling around in the gym not really knowing what I should be doing. Nancy has been there and was brave enough to learn these things not only for herself but to teach all of us what she has and is learning.  Not only has she taught me about exercise, but also about nutrition, and that without proper nutrition we will not see the results of all our hard work no matter what your goals are.

Nancy has also taught me that nutrition and exercise are a gift we have and not something you do when its convenient for you, it's a lifestyle, something that we get to choose to have.

After a few months in BOSS Nancy started a class called "Muscle" and or "strength", that's where I really found my nitch. She combined heavy lifting along with cardio and body weight exercises in a timed scenario, very much like cross fit only instead of 10 to 20 minute workout hers are close to 1 hour. It's very intense and an awesome workout!

What I find to be the best part of Nancy's fitness are the people, it's not just a bunch of people getting together to workout, it's a family of people getting together not only to workout, but encourage and laugh and lift each other up, and that all starts with Nancy!

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about making a change in their health to get ahold of Nancy and talk to her about her classes and how she can help you start your new journey.

Also, I would like to thank Nancy and everyone at Nancy's fitness and friends for letting me be a part of this with you!

Sarah F. 4/2017

Nancy’s Fitness where to start…  I participated in the Strength program 3 consecutive classes, and I loved it!  Not only did I achieve amazing results but I had a great time doing so!  What a positive, productive, friendly and rewarding environment!  I was really nervous for the first class- This was the first I had really done anything since before getting pregnant with my daughter and she was a year and a half old.  Lets just say it was challenging, but everyday I got a little stronger.  I could not believe how strong I was getting and how good I felt!  I live in Colfax and I was unfortunately unable to continue my commute to Nancy’s Fitness with my daughter through the winter months.  I was really disappointed until I learned that Nancy’s Fitness offers the ability to Skype into classes!!!  This is amazing for me and my family!  If I participate in an early morning class I can achieve an amazing workout while my daughter is still sleeping, if it’s in the evening I workout in her room while she plays and does some working out of her own!  I only have dumbbells and Nancy is awesome at giving me alternate moves if needed, I am always impressed at how much I can do in the comfort of my own home with very little!  Not only does Nancy provide you with an amazing workout experience, she addresses nutrition, goal setting, coaching, and the physiology behind it all!  I have worked out in many different environments, and one of the MANY things I LOVE about Nancy’s Fitness is that you are reminded the gym is not a punishment to your body, its a celebration of it!!!  Thank you Nancy’s Fitness!!!  

Amber A. 3/2017

I have taken several different classes with Nancy!  Each one offers something unique...but ALL of them have significantly changed my life. It is so much MORE than weight loss. I have learned so much about nutrition and eating well with specific macros for my body's needs. Nancy is truly inspirational and so incredibly resourceful. I know that I can ask her anything and she will give me PRACTICAL advice that I can use! As a busy mom, this is key!  Joining a gym can feel so intimidating, but Nancy is so approachable and encouraging that the intimidation I felt quickly turned to the inspiration I needed. The gym family I've developed over these passed few months has been incredibly helpful as well!  Nothing is more encouraging than having a fellow gym teammate say, "I can totally see a difference in you!"  I'm so incredibly grateful that I pushed passed my fears and signed up!!!!!

Alaina S. 1/2017

I started taking fitness classes at Nancy's  Fitness last summer. One of her classes in particular I fell in love with and even might say I am addicted :) Taking Nancy's power/strength class has changed my life! I know that sounds intense but before her class I had never been confident with weight lifting. I also had very little upper body/core strength. After just a few months of taking her class I saw a tremendous difference not only physically but, for the first time ever I walked into a weight lifting class with confidence knowing exactly what I needed to do. Nancy is an amazing trainer that goes without saying but I also love all the people I workout with. They have truly become my gym family. If your looking for a gym where you feel comfortable while also being challenged this is the gym for you! 

Shelby B. 2/2017

I have been going to Nancy’s Fitness for a few years now.  A friend of mine convinced me to sign up for a class with her.  When I started it was so hard, there were so many things that I couldn’t do, which made sense after having three kids and not taking care of myself for 10+ years.  But slowly I was able to start seeing differences, not so much in how I looked at first, but how I felt.  I could tell I was getting stronger, and the things that seemed almost impossible at first were getting easier.  I continued taking classes on and off as my schedule allowed.  But it wasn’t until Nancy started her Strength class that things really started to click.  I was scared to death that I was going to be the odd person there, since I had never really lifted weights before in my life.  And I almost backed out before the class even started.  But she reassured me that wouldn’t be the case, so I reluctantly showed up the first night.  And I am so glad I did.  Everyone in the class was encouraging and supportive, and by the time the first session ended two months later, I felt like I had finally found my groove.  I used to make excuses for myself so I wouldn’t have to go, but now there aren’t too many things in my life that can keep me from making it to class.  I think the best part of it all is that I finally feel like I belong somewhere, I feel like I fit in, the people that I work out with now feel like family.  If you are thinking about starting a class or workout program, talk to Nancy!  She cares, she’s motivating, she supportive, she gives us guidance, she is honest with us, and she’s been there, so she knows the struggles first hand!  I have learned that if there are things that you want to achieve, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.  I was scared to death, but I took Nancy’s advice and I tried something that I never would have without her support.  Nancy’s Fitness is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

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