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Our Story...


The one single decision that changed the course of my life and my career.  The day that I woke up and decided it was time to be a better version of myself and lose “the weight”.  The most interesting and scariest thought ever!!


What if I fail?

What if I lose it and gain it all back? 


Never did I realize that "weight" I wanted to lose wasn’t just physical or confined to my image.  Getting healthy lifted a burden in my brain that I never knew was there.  Just like anyone who has started on a fitness journey, I had my self doubts. Each day that I got on that terrifying treadmill, or lifted a weight that I didn’t think that I could, I gained a strength that I didn’t know I had. 


The day to day battle with myself became a routine, and pretty soon, something that I craved and actually enjoyed. Then one day with the support of my husband and an acquaintance, now one of my best friends, I decided to start studying to become a trainer.  


One of my first clients or my first "guinea pig”, Linda, told me she wouldn't even run if her house were on fire. She was completely serious, but luckily, so was I.  Within 6 month we had created a morning routine where she came and worked out with me in my living room.  Not long after, she ran a 5K.  Today, Linda is a regular client of mine who continues to impress me in class and at the gym. 

Anytime Fitness was my first home as a trainer where I did one on one training and a boot camp class for 2 years.  In 2014 I started to explore group training sessions at a local park – creating a competitive, supportive and challenging course called Transformation.  I started this program with 4 people, and it took off like wildfire.  People loved the open and honest dynamics of the program where they could share their triumphs and struggles, all while getting in a good sweat.  Transformation continued to grow and my clients continued to gained confidence and strength. They were hungry for more, and with that BOSS was born. My husband Jesse and I came up with Beast Of Steady Strength as the next level in the program.  

I quickly went from one "guinea pig" and four tranformation clients, to having an entire tribe of clients. Each brought their own goals, struggles, and story, but they formed a bond that couldn't be broken, and I knew I had something special. 

We continued to workout wherever we could, doing dips on a park bench and holding our tree sits.  Jesse joked, “wouldn’t it be nice if you had your own gym?” One year later that joke turned into a possibility, and later a reality. The only gym in our community was available to buy.  With a little luck and a lot of prayer our house sold and we purchased "Liberty Fitness" that has since become “Nancy’s Fitness”.  

We continue to work hard to improve the gym, add classes, and seek new clients. No matter where you may be on your journey, we have something for you and would love to be a part of it. 

Come join our fitness family!

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